Friday Favorites v.101

Today, as told by Lorelai Gilmore:

My plans for the weekend are to run a lot & sleep a lot. What are your weekend plans?

Some favorites from this week:

1. Uhm, can we talk about this weather? I don’t know about the rest of you, but in KY this morning it feels AH-MAZING. It feels like fall!

2. Kara Goucher’s new fall collection with Oiselle. I’ll take one of everything, please.


4. This post by Sara ad Her Soles had me rolling! It’s hilarious and something I would totally do if I ever met The Rock.

5. Tried the new mango dragonfruit refresher from Starbucks and it wasn’t too bad! Not my everyday drink, but something fun for every now and then.

6. I’ve been a lot more into social media lately than before (it comes and goes) so feel free to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest (@megkayrich), Facebook (Miles with Meghann) or Instagram (@mileswithmeghann).

7. The story of the world’s youngest face transplant patient. This is so interesting and kind of amazing. Science, man.

8. What I wish I was doing right now. #teamnosleep

HAPPY FRIDAY. Let’s do this.


This is Thursday

You know one of the best things about having multiple jobs (ya, know other than the paychecks) is I am dog tired when I hit my sheets every. single. night.

I’ve been working and writing and trying to work out and eat healthy every day this week and holy cow it’s Thursday and I am exhausted.

*Example of my snack box lunch. I’ve been taking something similar every day this week. It’s helped me cut back on grabbing fast food and it actually keeps me full! Saving money and calories? Win-win!

So while it’s been hectic, I’ve lost a few pounds, I’m getting paid to do what I love and in ONE WEEK we have our final home walkthrough before closing. Now that’s something to get excited about.

Unrelated to all of this, I saw this on Pinterest earlier in the week, loved it and saved it to my phone.

Check back tomorrow and I may or may not have a Friday Favorites post (so professional of me, I know). I have a few things on my list of a post, but I also have a ton to do tonight, so we’ll see what happens. Guess you’ll just have to check back here if the suspense is too much 😉

Sunday adventures in Murray

Yesterday my mom and I drove down to Murray to help my brother move back into his dorm at MSU! (Go Racers!)

Helping him move meant I got free Cookout (only the best fast food ever 😍)

Since this is my brother’s second year at Murray State, he didn’t want us to hang around too long. Murray and Hazel (the neighboring town) have a ton of antique and thrift shops, so we spent hours browsing the stores and enjoying the afternoon.

Before we left town, Mom and I stopped by Murray’s DQ. Murray’s Dairy Queen is different than most –it’s a walk up restaurant and the food menu is limited.

Oh, and another thing? It’s only open March-October. This place holds a special place in my heart from my college years and it’s so fun to go back and visit every now and then.

While you’re here, check out my post from this morning on how to get more fiber in your diet (it’s educational and helpful!). 

Happy Monday!

Tips for getting more fiber in your diet

Getting enough daily fiber in your diet is super important because fiber helps support a smoother, more functional digestive system, provides stronger immunity, and promotes overall well-being.

Many Americans average only half of the recommended 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber per day, according to the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. Yet the current average daily intake of fiber is 15 grams, as the typical diet includes many foods with high calories, such as white bread, doughnuts, sodas, juices and red meat, to name a few.

Fun fact, you would need to eat about 10 apples or bananas every day to obtain your daily fiber requirement.

It’s a startling statistic that the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates only about five percent of Americans reach the recommended level of dietary fiber requirements. This is known as the “fiber gap” as limited fiber intake has been associated with colon cancer and metabolic syndrome.

The “fiber gap” exists for two reasons: people think fiber supplements are primarily for maintaining a regular digestive system, and traditional forms of fiber supplements on the market, such as powder or capsules, are inconvenient to take.

Research shows that the digestive system does more than digest food; it plays a central role in the immune system. The healthy bacteria that live in the digestive tract promote immune system function, so it’s important to nourish the body with fiber. Inulin has secondary benefits, too, of possibly lowering cholesterol, balancing blood chemistry and regulating appetite, which can help reduce calorie intake and play a supporting role in weight management.

But getting enough fiber in is hard.

So try these tips to increase the amount of fiber in your diet:

•  Make your grains whole. Read labels and swap out conventional grains for whole wheat when buying bread and pasta products, and choose brown rice over white.

•  Make your veggies green. Green vegetables, including beans, spinach, cabbage, and asparagus are good sources of dietary fiber.

•  Go bananas! Many types of fruit are high in fiber, but bananas are an especially rich source. Add mashed bananas to muffins, smoothies, or a bowl of oatmeal as a way to increase fiber intake.

•  Add a supplement. Sometimes eating enough fiber-rich foods is a challenge. So choose a dietary fiber supplement with prebiotic effects.

Friday Favorites v.100

100 Friday Favorites posts! That’s crazy, yall. Thanks for reading this little blog of mine It means the world to me!

ETA: this is also my 500th post on Miles with Meghann!

While this week was crazy and did not include a lot of sleep, I am thankful for everything in my life right. This season of life is busy and filled with work, but I love my jobs and I know working hard now will pay off in the long run.

1. Neat little article written about one of the running/walking groups in my hometown. I love the sense of community.

2. More house progress! We are one month away from our new closing date and I AM SO PUMPED. Also, this subway tile is gorgeous!

3. I’ve been running and doing videos from the Beachbody 21 Day Fix and holy $h!t I am so freaking sore. Like it hurts to sit…and stand…and walk.

4. School started back this week! While the college that I teach at doesn’t go back until the end of August it is so fun to see everyone (and their kid’s) first day of school photos.

5. My new freelancing adventure — The Owensboro Times!

6. These confetti shoes from Brooks are BOMB! Can I just buy ALLTHESHOES from Brooks?

7. I wish I looked like I did when I thought I was fat.

8. #FlashbackFriday

I wish I looked like I did when I thought I was fat

Ever look back at old photos and think, “Man…I wish I look like I did when I thought I was fat.”


Because I do. Now, I know in high school I was still a little overweight, but I did two sports (cross country and track) and didn’t snack nearly as much as I do now.

Getting stuck in the trap of thinking, “I was so much then…” and “I was 20 pounds lighter when I started college…” is no fun.


While this type of nostalgic thinking may not be the healthiest, (I mean, I know I am not supposed to weigh the same as I did when I was 16) I do wish I was something close to that weight.

It also seemed like I didn’t have to work as hard “back then.” Yeah, I ran every day Monday – Friday, but I do that now. I worked at McDonald’s every night after practice, so I had a McChicken and a small fry every single night for supper.

Now I’m working out 4-5 days a week, making sure to eat some veggies every day, drinking water like a fish and my weight hasn’t budged and I’m a size or two bigger than where I want to me.

(Also. I feel like an extra 10 pounds show up way more on me that it should.)

It just sucks, ya know?

Not sure the point of this post, but I guess don’t get discouraged. Our bodies were meant to change and I’m going to work hard every day to make sure I am the best version of myself — physically and mentally.

Image result for body image quotes

I find inspiration in the mountains

Sometimes inspiration can come from the simplest things. I swear looking at pictures of mountains instantly calms and excites me all at the same time.

Here are some of my favorites:

I obviously had to include a picture with a pup. Crazy dog lady here.

There is no wrong way to be inspired. Do what works for you and go out into the world with a new sense of adventure, excitement, and fire. Happy Sunday!