Goodbye summer

So it looks like yesterday was our last real day of summer. Today temps are in the 60s and it seems like all of a sudden the leaves started changing colors.

Murphy enjoyed the last nice day by sitting on the front porch barking at everyone who went by — typical. Now he’ll just have to do his people watching from the windows.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am excited for the cooler temps because I’m hoping this means I can drop my pace a little bit since I won’t be dying from the heat and humidity.


A few thoughts on the 2018 Chicago Marathon

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to get a start already!

This weekend was pretty low key – but still involved lots of running. On Saturday, I covered a cross-country race for the news organization I work for. I love watching college and high school kids compete in a sport they (and I!) love.

On Sunday, I woke up early to watch the Chicago Marathon! I was cheering for Gwen Jorgenson, but love watching all the Americans do their thing.

Image result for chicago marathon
But overall, I was disappointed. The announcing/commentating SUCKED.

This tweet from @em_kertsez sums it up well: Another World Majors Marathon, another stream with barely any women’s race coverage. I don’t have any jokes about this I just wish there was more coverage of the women’s race as well.

The announcers also slammed the non-elite runners by talking about how much they would suffer during the race.  Like we all know the conditions weren’t ideal, but geez.

They also seemed to go with a less is more approach. SO MANY AWKWARD PAUSES. They just seemed to lack knowledge of running, racing, and marathons.

Some good from the race:
Best signs from the Chicago Marathon.
American women place four in top 10 at the Chicago Marathon.

Oh well, there is always hope for TSCNY Marathon, right?

Recent favorites from Brooks Running

NOT SPONSORED. Y’all know I just love Brooks as a company and their apparel + shoes. I’ve rounded up some my recent favorites. Enjoy and let me know what you’re loving lately.

I’ve been eyeing this canopy nightlife jacket since Boston when Des won the race wearing it. It’s $160, but I’m hoping it’ll be on sale around Black Friday and I snag it for a little less.
Image result for des boston jacket
I got this Dash 1/2 Zip at the RNR Nashville Expo and it’s probably my favorite piece of apparel. It’s so soft, the best color, I love the thumb holes and mine is embroidered with Nashville 26.2. It’s on sale for more than $20 off right now!

Run Freaky short sleeve shirt. Sometimes I like to buy the men’s versions of shirts (I don’t always want something fitted! Baggy tee’s for the win). This one is great for October/Halloween!

I really want these for my everyday shoes. I love this color!

You can never have too many sports bra (especially high-quality ones like these!)

Share with me your favorite running apparel! I can’t wait to pick up a few more pieces as the weather gets cooler. Happy Wednesday!

Why I never wear makeup

One of the most surprising things people find out about me is that I don’t wear makeup. When I say I never wear it…I mean I don’t even own any.

Growing up, my mother never wore makeup. We lived on a farm and worked outside in the elements or broke a sweat inside by cleaning, canning vegetables and playing with my little brother. I always thought she was beautiful and carefree — that’s who I wanted to be.

My skin is free, I never feel “unprepared” to leave the house and it saves me a lot of time when getting ready.


This was never something I transitioned to — I have not worn makeup basically my whole life. I don’t think I ever got in trouble in middle school for sneaking out of the house with a face of makeup on and I know I didn’t wear any makeup to either of my proms.

While I might have insecurities about some parts of my body, my face is one thing I am not afraid to show the world. 

The last time I wore makeup was on my wedding day — and that was mainly to combat the harsh stage lighting and for our wedding pictures. Even then, I wore only a little foundation, some fake lashes (because I barely have any) and some neutral eyeshadow.

My husband loves that I don’t wear makeup. And my friends think it’s pretty cool.

I don’t hide my blemishes or acne. The world gets my tired and true face every time I step out the door.  

I encourage you to go makeup-free for a day or two.

“I’ve worked hard to feel beautiful in my natural skin. Personally, I don’t ever want to depend on makeup to feel beautiful.” — Lupita Nyong’o

Friday Favorites v.103

I’m pretty sure tomorrow is supposed to be the first official day of Fall, but it sure doesn’t feel like it in Kentucky. We’ve had temps in the 80s and 90s all week and even the humidity is still pretty brutal.

The theme for this week’s favorites post is fall and running (two of my favorite things!)

1. Eliud Kipchoge crushes marathon world record at Berlin Marathon. HOLY CRAP HE IS FAST. One of his best post-race quotes is: “I’ve run 2:00. I have run 2:01. The next is actually to run 2:02 so I have 2:00, 2:01, 2:02, 2:03, 2:04 and 2:05.”

2.  YAS. THIS. M-E-G-H-A-N-N41925187_2502011503404645_8690515995858567168_n.jpg

3. 60+ easy painted pumpkins — number 5 is my favorite! My house is already decorated for fall/Halloween but these would be so cute for a family activity.

4. Oiselle’s guide to this season’s knickers, capris, and tights.

5. In the journalism class I teach, we watched Spotlight this week. It’s such a good investigative reporting movie and I highly encourage you to watch it if you haven’t.

6.  My best friend came over on Tuesday to work out and holy crap I am still sore today (it’s currently Thursday as I’m typing this) I’m actually starting to worry a bit because it’s only my right calf that is sore and it even hurts to walk. I’m tried foam rolling and massaging it (it’s like behind my knee and around the upper part of my calf muscle) but so far no relief. I’m thinking the photo below shows a pretty good example of my pain.
Image result for calf muscle

7. My boss got a Flexispot bike this week and it is awesome and now I want one. (Actually, I’d be happy with a standing desk…maybe that will happen at some point!)

8. This is how I feel about it being FRIDAY!

My plan for easing back into running this week

Happy Tuesday! After hopping on the treadmill last night (while watching The Emmys) I thought I would go back to the basics and follow a simple walk/run plan for the week.

This is a basic plan, so feel free to modify this schedule to meet your needs.

Monday 30 minutes 1 min. run, 2 min. walk (10x)
Tuesday 32 minutes 2 min. run, 2 min. walk (8x)
Wednesday Rest or walk
Thursday 30 minutes 3 min. run, 2 min. walk (6x)
Friday 30 minutes 4 min. run, 2 min. walk (5x)
Saturday 35 minutes 5 min. run, 2 min. walk (5x)
Sunday Rest or walk

Each day, begin with a five-minute warm-up before starting the workout, followed by a five-minute cooldown. If you’re using a treadmill, set the incline to one to help prevent shin splints.

Run at a moderate pace during the running intervals, and walk briskly during the walking intervals.


Friday Favorites v.102

I am so excited for this weekend! We are really starting to make our house look like a home and it’s been so much fun. I have a long to-do list for this afternoon and tomorrow — but I’m ready to get started.

But first, let’s talk favorites from the last two weeks.

1. So I’m couple weeks late on this, but Oiselle launched their Crest Collection! I’m in love with every piece. I’ve really been eyeing the team long sleeve and the race day half zip.

2. NEED. Hocus Pocus is my jam.


3. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. You can help St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital put an end to childhood cancer by becoming a St. Jude Hero for the 2019 St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon and 1/2 Marathon.

This race was my first marathon and I had such a great experience in Nashville. The fact that you get to help a great organization is just icing on the cake!

4. Shalane and Elyse’s chocolate peanut butter cups.
chocolate peanut butter cups

5. Not a mom yet, but love this – Can we just let runners who are breastfeeding moms do their thing?

6. I posted about this earlier in the week — but I have my treadmill back and it’s up and running!

7. This adorable story about a local kid who is pushing another fourth grader in a running stroller during a sanctioned cross country meet. I am so happy and proud that change and inclusion in running community are happening in my hometown.

8. Someone is still getting used to the new house.

Back on the treadmill!

We might have boxes all over the house and still be waiting for some furniture to be delivered (two of the reasons I haven’t done a full home tour post yet) but at least I have my treadmill up and running (ha! get it?!)

I’ve barely run the last couple of weeks so it’s been great hopping on to knock out a few miles each night. I’m hoping to start getting back in the habit of making treadmill workouts to pass along to you guys! I’m really wanting to work on getting some of my speed back, so be on the lookout for some upcoming posts that really get your legs moving!

Here is my review of my current treadmill, the Nordic Track Commercial 1750. Spoiler alert — I love it!

Discount codes for RNR Vegas!

There is still time to register for RnR Vegas! While I don’t have the money or the vacation days to travel across the country, this race is definitely a bucket list item for me!

If you have the chance to run Vegas I would highly encourage it. The Rock N Blog even has a discount code for the marathon, half marathon, 10k and 5k to help you out a little.

Neon lights, light-up mile markers, fireworks, glowing signage, a volcano…this race has it all!

As the only domestic nighttime race in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, this event truly sparkles. Signage will light the way as you navigate the Start and Finish lines. You’ll flash across the Start Line while fireworks set you off on your tour of Las Vegas. Everyone will experience the electricity of Las Vegas as the course runs along the Strip and through Freemont Street. Brand-new mile markers will be literally “lit” from within for this nighttime race so you know how many miles you have left to shine. And finally, your energy will ignite as you cross the Finish Line at the Mirage volcano.

Join us in November so you can see just how LIT it gets on the #StripAtNight.