Charleston, SC — days two and three

Happy Friday! It’s a sunny day in Charleston (our first of the week!)

Even though today our last day in the city (we fly home tonight) I thought I would recap our two full days in Charleston.

Wednesday kicked off the first full day in the city and was filled with workshops, speakers and lots of masterminding. Our walk to the event was gorgeous. I am obsessed with the colored buildings and the pretty churches.

Our first event for the week was at the American Theater (the same place where Noah and Allie from The Notebook had their first date!) It’s such a unique venue and I love that I get to explore so many neat places thanks to my job.
Image result for the notebook american theater

We’ve also been eating our way through Charleston. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits and Glazed have been two of our go-to breakfast stops. The pimento cheese biscuit and the vegan chocolate ginger doughnuts were definitely my favorite.

Supper was at High Cotton (another place from the movie!) and I ate so much (#foodbaby). I definitely need to get back to the gym and eating healthy (and not so much) next week. 
I love the people I work with and I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many inspiring clients. These events always leave me excited to work on my personal and professional goals.

I am sad to be leaving such a fun city but I am excited to get back to my boys!


Charleston, SC — day one

Greetings from Charleston!

After several delays and a missed connection, I landed in Charleston Tuesday night and it has bee a whirlwind of work, play and food since then.

Look at my adorable bathroom! The Renaissance in Charleston had great service and the cutest decor.

We made it with minutes to spare before we hosted our work cocktail hour at the Pour Taproom. It was such a neat concept — it’s a rooftop bar and restaurant and event space. You only pay by the ounce! No prepaying, just open a tab and you’re free to taste 70 of the most unique selection craft beers, wines, cocktails and ciders in Charleston.

It’s basically a beer and wine festival shrunk down into one room. Located on the 9th floor of Historic District Hyatt, it is the tallest rooftop bar in Charleston!

After drinks, a group us headed to The Grocery for supper. I love farm-to-table places and this was no exception! I was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of my appetizers (fried oysters) and meal (triggerfish) but this peanut butter bar was delicious. 

While there has been no time to workout (I’ve been averaging about four hours of sleep a night since we got here) I walked more than 20,000 steps yesterday and it was so fun to explore the city on foot.

I’ll have recaps from yesterday and today up on the blog later this week!

Last work trip of the year!

This morning I made the hour drive to our closest “big” airport (ha! that’s still a joke, but at least they have flights to Atlanta) for our last work trip of 2018.

We are flying from Evansville to Atlanta and then to Charleston, SC. I’ve never been to Charleston before so I’m pretty excited. And our event is at the movie theater that Noah and Allie visit in The Notebook (so cool!)
Image result for american theater charleston sc the notebook

I’ll be there for the rest of the week and while our events and a lot of a little play, I’m still hoping to get in some local site-seeing. I am blessed to work for such a great company.

So lots of work and not a lot running this week, but that’s okay. It’s all about balance.

A weekend full of running

After this weekend, my heart is so full! Ryan and I spent all weekend working but it was so fun getting to report together!

Friday night we covered high school football playoffs in Louisville then drove to Lexington afterward to spend the night since we had an early wakeup call to be at the KHSAA State Cross Country Championships!

We had all of our local schools represented at the race so we ended up being there ALL DAY. But it was so much fun to wade through the course, (so much rain last week left things pretty soggy and muddy) run across the fields to get as many photos as possible and watch the award presentations.

10 years ago I was the KY state meet as a runner and it was so fun to be back as a journalist.

Funny sidenote from the day – the “official” drink of the race was Ale 8 One. Pretty funny if you’re a Kentuckian.

Now as I’m typing this I’m taking it pretty easy while watching the TSCNYC Marathon. Obviously cheering on so many American women. Who do you think will win?

It was such a great weekend and I’m excited to go into this next week. Happy Sunday, friends!

An early Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Most of western Kentucky moved trick-or-treating to last night since the weather was awful for today (cold, lots and lots of rain). So Ryan and I (with a little help from Murphy) handed out candy last night!

For everyone out and about tonight – be safe and have fun! Eat some candy for me 😉

Windy weekend

Happy Monday, friends! Can you believe we are already at the end of October?

While I won’t be home to pass out candy on Halloween (which I am so bummed about) I did decide to somewhat celebrate by wearing orange and black on my runs this weekend.

This Columbia long sleeve is my new favorite. I snagged mine for $3 at Goodwill (and it’s a size too big) but you can buy it here.

I spent most of the day Saturday covering our regional cross country championships. It was so fun getting to see my former coaches and so many people who helped foster my love of running.

This weekend is state and I’m so excited to take pictures, write stories and watch all these amazing high school runners!

After covering the races all day I found some time for a run myself! This weekend was crazy busy and we even had a wind advisory (30mph winds!) but it was so sunny and too nice not to spend every day outside!

I am only working four days this week before my husband and I are off to Louisville/Lexington to cover football and cross country for the news outlet we work for. I am so excited for a short week and some extra time with Ryan!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!

The best way to put on your ProCompression socks

Ever feel like putting on your PRO Compression socks is a struggle? You are not alone, my friend! It was somewhat of a struggle when I first bought mine.

The awesome folks at ProCompression have put together this short video tutorial for you with the help of one of their PC Ambassadors.

It shows you how to quickly and easily put on your compression socks to ensure that they perform optimally and that you don’t fall over or damage your socks while trying to put them on.

That’s it! Without a doubt, this is the easiest, best way to put your socks on. Using this method, you get the perfect fit every time!

Check out my ProCompression review here! 

Work. Run. Play.

While last week was ALL about work, I am making it a point to have some more fun and run more this week. While I know some weeks need to be all about work and deadlines, I knew after stretching myself too thin last week – something had to change.

I started off my week with a run on Sunday. It was gorgeous outside! A slight chill in the air, but so sunny! I ran a couple miles around my neighborhood and just enjoyed being outside.

Throughout the week I have enjoyed being outside more, relaxing on the couch with Murphy and just taking it easy. Last week I wrote six stories for my side gig and this week I wrote one. It was glorious.

I also hopped on the treadmill when I wanted, did some running and walking intervals and put no pressure to crank out some crazy workout/run.

If this season of your life is busy, don’t add extra stress by piling on workouts and long runs. Do what you can, when you can. Keep showing up. The work will pay off.

Running-inspired Halloween costumes

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays. I love throwing parties for any occasion but getting to dress up in costumes and eat candy make it even better!

See previous Halloween posts here, here and here

While I sadly don’t have any major plans this year (life has just been too crazy lately!) here are some fun running-inspired costumes that will be super easy to put together!

These little girls who dressed up in Shalane’s NYC race kit are the cutest! I love the arm sleeves and even the Bowerman logo on their kits. Runner’s World did a feature on them and their moms are actually running the NY Marathon this year! So cool.
Shalane Flanagan costume
Easily enough, you could just be a runner for Halloween. Through on some gear, an old race bib or medal and you’re good to go! (Thinking about doing this just so I have an excuse to wear my marathon medal again!)

There is also running Forest Gump — a classic.
Image result for forrest gump runner costume

What are some of your favorite running costumes? Let me know in the comments below!