Summer Running

Three hot and sweaty miles = done!

I think I am finally getting used to the heat and humidity, so I’m excited to get started with my half marathon training soon! The Owensboro Half Marathon this fall will be my third half and I’m really wanting to break two hours. My half PR is 1:14 and I haven’t been running any super long distances lately, so I definitely have my work cut out for me.
Like my first two half marathons, I plan on following a Hal Higdon training plan. But rather than training to survive the race, I plan on throwing in some speed work to the mix.

My last half (more than 2 years ago!) was during a crazy season of my life. I was finishing my semester of college, planning a wedding, moving to a new state and starting a new job. I let all of these distractions hinder my training and the race was awful. I hit a wall around mile 9 and the last 4 miles were BRUTUAL. My goal this time around, is to stay focused on training, become best friends with my foam roller and (hopefully!) run under two hours.
Any advice for a sub-2 half? I’d love to hear some ideas for speed work.

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