Summer eats

Growing up on a farm, my family always had a HUGE garden. I’m talking everything from potatoes, squash, tomatoes, beans and peas, watermelons, apples, plums and so much more! While I may not have enjoyed the labor that came with it, (hello purple hands from shelling peas) I always loved eating the fruits of our labor (literally).

Now that I’m a homeowner, I don’t have all the land I had growing up. But I still love locally-grown fresh fruits and veggies! My solution? Farmers Markets!

Farmers Market

In Owensboro, we have so many roadside produce stands and farmers markets, that it’s so easy to get Kentucky Proud food. While Kroger and Aldi are great for convenience, I still prefer home-grown fruits and veggies to those bought in a store. I love that summertime brings all kinds of fresh food to my table. Nothing is better than a big salad filled with from-the-garden veggies or huge bowl of fruit salad.

I miss the summers as a kid running around the farm with my friends and refusing to come in until sun down. We would eat apples and plums off the tree and drink water from the spicket. Summer was and is the best time of year.


I encourage everyone to go around their town or take a drive out to the country and pick up some roadside produce. Talk with the farmers who grow your food — you won’t regret it! Heck, you might even learn a thing or two about all of the hard work and passion that goes into farming.

Sidenote: Most of you have heard Paul Harvey’s 1978 “So God Made A Farmer” speech, but it’s worth another read now and again. Enjoy 🙂


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