An uncomfortable run

Okay guys. Let’s get real. Running shouldn’t always be easy. Running should be hard. It should hurt and make you question why in the world you keep coming back, mile after mile.

Yesterday was like an epiphany run for me. All of my 3-4 mile runs had been around a 10:30 pace. I was frustrated that after weeks of getting back into consistently running, my pace was not dropping.

Then it hit me.

Run harder.

My first mile was 9:28. My second mile was 9:59. My third mile was 9:47.

Bam! My miles were faster. Not because I ate some magic beans or did a little dance, but because I got off my ass kicked into high gear. Yes, it was hard, but running is supposed to be hard! Yes, it hurt, but it’s supposed to hurt! Now, my pace was all over the place, but it was under 10 minutes. AND THAT WAS THE POINT OF MY RUN. To stop running “easy” and push myself to something better. Without a coach or even a running buddy, it can be hard to push yourself against the voices in your head. There were times I wanted to quit, sure. BUT I made the decision to keep going.

I know these times aren’t setting any records and my distance is nothing to brag about, but I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. & I think that’s what matters. My only competition is myself.

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