Lunch inspiration

Lunch is the best part of the work day, right? I’m pretty lucky that I get to eat with my husband most days AND we get to go home and play with Murphy. Win-win. It also opens up a lot more food options since we can just re-heat leftovers or scrounge through the fridge and find something to eat. Plus eating at home = lots of money saved.

So here is a roundup of some my favorite weekday lunches. I’m always looking for more food inspiration, so let me know what you eat through the week.

Snack Plates

My go-to lunches usually consists of snack plates. Since I am able to go home for lunch, I can just grab random things from my fridge and whip up something simple and tasty. Some of my favorite snack plates include: hummus, deli turkey leftover grilled chicken, cheese slices, whole wheat crackers, baby carrots, fruit and yogurt. I can seriously eat a variety plate everyday for lunch and never have the same thing twice.

Pre-packaged salads
Pre-Packaged Salad
Such a simple way to get some greens in your diet without have to buy out the entire produce section. Pre-packaged salads are so easy on-the-go and make for a quick and pretty healthy lunch. But like always, make sure you read the ingredients of what you’re buying. Some salads are filled with extra (and not-necessary) ingredients.

Ryan and I are only two people (obviously). But sometimes I cook enough to feed a small army. Therefore, lots of our lunches through the week are leftovers from the night before. Spaghetti, chili and frittatas (breakfast for supper, FTW) are usually rotated in our meal schedule.

While I’ll usually drink a smoothie for breakfast, sometimes I like to enjoy one in the afternoon. My smoothie vary in ingredients – anything from all fruit to protein powder and veggies. I love how versatile smoothies can be and how easy it is to get all kinds of nutrients that are good for your body.

So there you go, folks! Some lunchtime inspiration. Enjoy the work day!


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