Friday Favorites v. 6

FRIYAY. Ryan and I have a full weekend plan and I am so excited for some adventures with my best friend. But before we get the party started (at 5 p.m.) let’s go about our usual Friday routine — Friday Favorites!

1. One of my sorority sisters is dropping by Owensboro tomorrow for quick run and brunch. She is one of my best friends and I am so happy we have the chance to catch up in person. I mean, what is better than great conversation over coffee and biscuits?

2. Does the cut change the flavor?

3. I know this sounds silly, but saving money! Ryan and I have been working super hard lately to save some money (not eating out, no buying clothes, etc) and start paying off some debts sooner rather than later. This month we finished paying off our living room furniture and now the only thing we have to pay on is my car and the house! It’s such an exciting feeling to pay more than the minimum payment on these bills and know that we are getting closer to becoming COMPLETELY debt free.

4. Having a pitbull mix, I know they can sometimes get a bad rep. This adorable slideshow from BarkPost show pitbulls in a humorous light, that everyone can enjoy.

5. Run101 – Find Your WingWoman. YES YES YES.

6. Pretty sunsets. Almost every night this week while driving home I’ve seen some of the prettiest sunsets and clouds. The pretty colors always make me so happy and remind me of how awesome of a God I serve.

7. Chocolate chip pancakes. Earlier this week I was craving something sweet for dinner and I whipped up some chocolate chip pancakes that hit the spot. I used to eat these every Saturday morning during cross country season in high school and bringing them back into my diet has been wonderful.

8. Your weekly picture of Murphy:
He looks so stoic and handsome. I seriously love this pup so much.
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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