Tuesday ramblings

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are recovering after watching last night’s day one of the Republican National Convention. I’m not huge into politics (or at least discussing my views online), but holy moly, last night was like watching a train wreck.

But on to today. A full day of journalism, an after-work baby shower for a co-worker and hopefully a short run before mowing the yard. A full day! Let’s kick butt, Tuesday.

Recap of last week’s runs:
Monday: 3.5 miles with Savannah. 10:04/mile pace
Tuesday: 1.5 miles around the park.
Wednesday: Rest. Ryan’s dad was in town for work, so after work he took us out to eat at Cheddar’s. Plus another late thunderstorm ruined any chances of me running.
Thursday: 4 miles with Savannah. 10:08/mile pace
Friday: These stupid thunderstorms are really ruining my plans for after work runs.
Saturday: 6 MILES. 11:08 pace
Sunday: Walking around Nashville counts as a workout, right?!

Total Mileage: 15 miles

image1 (3)

A few random things on this Tuesday:
1. I found a random jar of pickles in our fridge the other day and I have eaten some with almost every meal upon discovering them. It’s a delicious problem to have.
2. I am serious need of a haircut. My split-ends and bangs are out control.
3. Tomorrow is our mass distribution day for the newspaper. If you’re local (or just curious about the happenings in Owensboro, Kentucky) our website is free all day Wednesday. Ch-ch-check it out. messenger-inquirer.com

Okay, back to running:

Here is an easy speed workout I use when I try to change things up from my daily runs.

10 minutes warm-up.
30 seconds at faster than race pace, but not a full out sprint (for me this is usually 8ish minute/mile pace.
Followed by one minute recovery.
Repeat 10 times.
10 minute cool down + lots of water.

image2 (2).JPG

Happy running!


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