Friday Favorites v.7

Oh my goodness I am so happy it’s almost the weekend! This week was jam packed with work and finishing up some major tasks around the house. I am hopefully going to take things easy this weekend — with the exception of my long run tomorrow morning. I also need to figure out what the heck is going on with my iPhone. It keeps spazzing out on me and is basically useless half the time.

But before the weekend begins, let’s talk about something more fun than work and chores — Friday Favorites!

1. Iced caramel machiatto from Starbucks. Earlier this week, a co-worker made a coffee run and offered to grab me something cold from Starbucks. Since I usually only drink hot coffees, I told him to pick whatever he wanted, as long as it had caramel in it. He came back with the machiatto and it was delicious! Might be my new summertime coffee addiction.

2. How To Feel Young Even As You Get Older. Now, I know I am NOT old. But sometimes I look back and wonder where in the world six years went (that’s how long I’ve been out of high school). Anyways, I think these are some great tips in general, so I thought I’d pass them along 🙂

3. I scored a sweet deal at Old Navy on Sunday and I got this pair of leggings (which are my new favorite) and this super cute tank. I ran 4 miles in the blazing heat in this tank on Wednesday and it was SO breathable.

4. Evelyn Henson. I discovered this girl after seeing one of her mugs in Studio Slant in Owensboro. After looking her up online, I’ve decided I want every phone case and mug she designs.
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.53.16 AM.png

5. Free doughnuts at work. Today is our intern’s last day in Owensboro, so our editor brought in doughnuts for everyone. A perfect way to start a Friday. if you ask me 🙂

6. Twitter. Usually I’m more of an Instagram-gal, but this week, I’ve been all over Twitter and I am loving. A lot of my job involves social media, so getting back to Twitter makes me oh-so-happy. Follow me @megkayrich for all things running, puppies and randomness.

7. This sports bra from Oiselle looks AH-MAZING. I’ve always loved their apparel, but I’ve never bought a sports bras from them. This one might have to be my first. Such a fun print and it looks like it has great support.

8. My sweet Murphy. I think this was taken right before bed. It looks like someone was worn out from a hard day of playing.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and is just a list of my favorite things from this week. 


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