Monday ramblings

This weekend was very low-key and productive — just the way I like it! I hate having a long to-do list hanging over my head and since Ryan had to work on Saturday, I took advantage and completed some unfinished projects.

Recap of last week’s workouts:

July 17-23
Monday: 3 miles.
Tuesday: Mowing the yard/raking the grass. This TOTALLY counts as a workout. I was dead by the end of it.
Wednesday: 4 miles.
Thursday: MH60 and ab workout
Friday: accidental rest day.
Saturday: 7 miles.
Sunday: Rest!

So not the best week, but the not worst, either. I at least did get my long run in on Saturday and it wasn’t terrible. So that’s a plus!


Other Monday ramblings:
• Look up Sober Saturday Night by Chris Young. Such a good song with a powerful message.
• I really really need a haircut and manicure. Or a personal stylist to just live with me.
• Yoga videos on YouTube are my new jam. Namaste.

The rest of this week is filled with some big work projects and lots of runs (+ hopefully a speed workout). Check back tomorrow for a super easy + delicious smoothie recipe!


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