Friday Favorites v.8

You know what rhymes with Friday? Wine. That basically sums up my week. I am so pumped for this weekend, so let’s get today mooooving.

1. Ryan and I are road tripping to Grand Rivers to one of our all-time favorite places to eat — Patti’s! It’s actually the places where we had our first fancy date in college and on Saturday we are treating his parents to dinner to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary! I’m so excited to spend some time with family and pig out and some delicious eats.

2. This adorable palm tree print dress would be perfect for summer. Red is my favorite color and this dress just looks so fun.
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.22.53 AM.png

3. There are less than FIVE months until Christmas. As someone who loves all holidays, Christmas definitely ranks top 3. I love buying gifts for others, the decorations and the time spent with family. Here is a Christmas Countdown Clock if you’re interested in the exact hours/minutes/seconds until Christmas Day!

4. Pawz Dog Boots. These are next on my to-buy list for Murphy. He has lots of problems with grass allergies, so these would be perfect to keep his paws clean. The colorful rubber booties come in sizes tiny through XL with 12 pairs per package. I can’t wait for him to try them out!

5. Gilmore Girls is releasing on the morning of Black Friday. I LOVE GG and I am so pumped Netflix is bringing this back. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode more than once and I am slowly buying up the dvd collection for at home. Also, #TeamJess.

7. Say what you want about this election and our current government leaders, but Michelle Obama slayed at the DNC Monday night. If you missed her speech, you can watch it here.

Barack did pretty great Wednesday night, too.

8. So earlier this week when I was changing the bed sheets, Murphy decided to explore the vast land of dust bunnies that are under the bed. I snapped this picture in between my tears and laughter. He is such a goofball and definitely keeps me on my toes.
image1 (4).JPG

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