Breakfast date and Saturday recap

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday. Today started off with a breakfast date with my best friend MacKenzie. Our afternoons seem to be so hectic during the summer that a breakfast date sounded like a pretty good idea to us. We stopped at Starbucks for some coffee before heading over to Great Harvest for some food.

I told you all on Friday that Ryan and I were taking a short road trip to Grand Rivers to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Patti’s 1880s Settlement. So Saturday morning after a super hard 8 mile run, I cleaned up, finished some chores and we packed Murphy up for a day/evening with my parents.


Ryan and I decided to get to Patti’s a little early so we could take advantage of the good (but super hot) weather and play some putt putt golf! Ryan loves the course at Patti’s and I’ve never played there, so this had been on our summer bucket list for a while. Ryan beat me (barely!) but it was so much. I love being able to get out on the weekends and have fun little day dates with Ryan. During our entire first year of marriage, I worked two jobs and Ryan and I worked opposite shifts, so we literally never saw each other awake. While I think that time only made us stronger, I am so happy to be past those days.


The real reason were at Patti’s was to celebrate Ryan’s parent’s anniversary. Once they met us, we were quickly seated and ready to eat. Patti’s is famous for three things, their flowerpot bread, two-inch thick pork chops and their mile-high meringues. We devoured some bread and cheesesticks while waiting for our food and everything was delicious. I’ve never had a bad meal at Patti’s. I had the chicken oscar (chicken with shrimp and mushrooms) a baked potato and a house salad. It definitely hit the spot.


After dinner, we decided to walk around the grounds and check out the antique shops. Ryan and his dad played a game of putt putt, while his mom and I people watched in at a picnic table in the shade. After golf, the boys wanted to play cornhole, so us girls were great cheerleaders. After the games, we walked around some more before parting ways. Hopefully Ryan and I can make a return a trip to Patti’s this winter to see their Christmas lights. But for now, we enjoyed the flowers and sunshine.


Family is so important to me and I’m so glad we still live close enough to Ryan’s parent’s that we can meet them halfway for fun nights like Saturday.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


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