Running updates & Throwback Thursday

Holy ouch. My legs hurt. At the beginning of our runs, Savannah and I usually set a goal (no walking, under XX time, etc). On Monday, our goal was three fast miles. And no walking. Even on our dreaded hill. We averaged 40 seconds per mile faster than normal (!!) and didn’t walk at all. Even with this crazy heat and humidity, we were proud we pushed through til the end.

Tuesdays are usually my rest day due to mine and Ryan’s work schedule, but since I got off early, I opted to finish some yard work rather than run. Push mowing, weedeating, rake grass and pulling weeds is a workout in itself. I was drenched in sweat by the end of the night and so ready for a hot shower, some quick stretches and bed.

On yesterday’s agenda was 5 solid (not super easy, but not race pace) miles. By the end of our run, we both felt like we were dying. The heat was awful, but I needed to push through it to have a longer run mid-week. Me and my foam roller and becoming best friends this week.

Today is a 4 mile speed workout and I’m actually looking forward to it!

THROWBACK THURSDAY. Let’s journey down memory lane and look at some pictures from my high school running days. Enjoy!


What are you running today? 


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