Friday Favorites v.9

^^^ My thoughts on today.While I have been super productive this week, I’ll be glad to see Friday afternoon. Ryan works tomorrow, so me and Murphy will probably hangout at my parent’s house and binge watch One Tree Hill. What are your plans for the weekend?
Rounding up Friday Favorites is probably my favorite (ha! no pun intended) part of the week. All of these things bring me joy or make me smile and that’s awesome.

1. FINALLY A FEMALE RUNNER EMOJI. While I wish she had her hair in a ponytail, this is still pretty awesome. #RunLikeAGirl

2. This Lemon Avocado Hummus Recipe from Fannetastic Food looks delicious. Need to make this ASAP.

3. I’m getting a much needed pedicure tomorrow. Since I’ve been upping my miles and pounding the pavement more, my toes have taken a beating. I swear I get in-grown toenails more than anyone I know. (Gross I know. Runners don’t judge.) Anyways, since I’m headed to a wedding ext weekend, I figured I would give my feet some TLC and I am pumped.

4. This pineapple tumbler from Starbucks. I love buying new water bottles/tumblers (like it’s becoming a problem), but when I saw this at Starbucks the other day, I almost splurged and bought it. It screams summer and pineapples have become one of my new favorite patterns this year.

5. I’m down five pounds! While I try not to fret too much over the scale, the fact that I’ve lost some weight (and seem to be keeping it off) makes me happy. While I’m not at my goal range (is that even a thing?) I’m getting closer!

6. The Draper James Fall Collection is out and I am in love. I mean, Reese Witherspoon is so classy and southern, I would buy anything from her. She posted a teaser video for the collection yesterday and I want it all.

7. Shopping at Aldi. Ryan and I fell in love with Aldi after the first few visits when we realized how much money we were saving. Aldi is a different type of grocery store (that’s a post by itself) and since they do things different, it saves the customers money. They have super fresh fruits and veggies, cheap prices and they are helping the environment.  Win-win-win in our book. If you live near one, be sure to check them out.

8. My favorite pup playing catch.
Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and is just a list of my favorite things from this week. 

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