Friday Favorites v. 11

This week didn’t start out great, but thankfully it got better. Now it’s Friday and we are just hours away from the weekend. Before we celebrate, let’s talk about some Friday Favorites!

1. THE OLYMPICS. I’ve been glued to my TV every night this week cheering on the USA in swimming, gymnastics and everything in between. GO TEAM USA.
1a. Also, fun fact of the day. The Final Five debated on using the nickname GLAMSquad. Why? (Gabby, Laurie, Aly, Madison, Simone) How cool would that have been? But I think Final Five also suits them well.

2. Avocado toast. During Sunday’s grocery trip I picked up some avocados for my weekday lunches and MAN OH MAN have I been missing this delicious goodness. If you want to seriously step up your avocado toast game, then check out this article.  YUM.

3. Alabama football is back in 3 weeks and one day! ROLL TIDE. All of their tweets about camp and video promos for the season and are getting my hyped.

4. I am just so happy it is the end of the week. It’s been a crazy one and I am so ready to just chill out and relax this weekend.

5. 9 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Your Love For Rosé.  YES.

6. This blackhead eliminating scrub is awesome. It leaves me feeling clean and refreshed without being oily or smelly. I also loves the little charcoal beads, they make for such a deep clean. I only use it a few days a week, but I always feel like a new person after using it.

7. How Social Media Changed Running. Love love love this. While it’s great to record your runs withs a #sweatyselfie, I think it’s also great to disconnect, especially when running. Running solo with no technology is one of the most freeing things I’ve ever experienced. It’s just me, the pavement and my thoughts. It’s rejuvenating.

8. Me and Murph. This picture is actually from a couple weeks ago when Ryan had to work on a Saturday and Murphy and I were lonely. So happy to be with both of my boys this weekend.

Happy weekend, y’all! *insert confetti horn emoji*


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