Mid-week check in

Can you guys already believe we are halfway through the week?! Work has been crazy busy with lots of different deadlines, so I feel like I am constantly going 100 mph. I know I don’t really talk about my job on here a lot, but I work at a newspaper, managing several newspapers and their special publications (like magazines, visitor’s guides, etc). So I am basically always on deadline. My job is a lot of fun, but sometimes it can be pretty stressful. Thank goodness for prayer, a strong cup of coffee and my wonderful husband — all of which keep me from going insane.


Midweek fitness recap
Monday: Savannah and I ran three fast miles to test out my knee (which has been bothering me ever since I finished up Saturday’s 10 miler) and there was no pain! So happy.
Tuesday: I decided to run with a local running group for the first time! Legends is a locally owned running + biking store that hosts weekly runs every Tuesday and since I didn’t want to run by myself yesterday, I thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did! They were such a fun and welcoming group. I hooked up with a girl who was about the same pace/ a little faster than me and we knocked out almost 4.5 miles at a 9:50 pace. I’m looking forward to going back next week!

On today’s radar is a 6 mile run in preparation for another 10 miler on Saturday. I’m a week ahead of schedule in my half marathon training, so I figured since last week’s run was terrible, maybe I can redeem myself this weekend.

OH. And ONE MONTH until my half marathon. AHHHH. I’m already getting nervous (and excited!)

I want to hear from you! Give me the run down on your mid-week check in — training runs, life, etc.



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