Tips to drink more water

We made it through Monday! This week is already off to a better start than last week, so I am looking forward to the days to come. Hopefully you all kicked ass yesterday and are continuing your awesome-ness today.

I really really try to take in lots of water every day. Not only is good for you body and skin, but it gets rid of fatigue and helps with digestion.
During the work week, it’s pretty easy for me to drink lots of water. In an effort to move around more, I fill up my water bottle at our downstairs fountain, so I’m constantly moving and refilling my cup (and making the trek to the restroom!). On the weekends I find it much harder to get in lots of water. I need to change this!
I have a thing for collecting cute water bottles and tumblers, so that’s also some silly motivation to drink lots of water. Picking out a new cup every week to drink out of makes me happy.

image2 (2)

Buy large water bottles. When I’m working at my computer, I usually drink water without even realizing I’m doing it. By the time I finish slurping down one water bottle, I’ve already drunk 20-24 ounces!

Spice things up flavored water. If drinking plain water isn’t enough for you, then I suggest mixing things up by adding some fresh fruit or mint to your water. There are also some tasty sparking water options like LaCroix or Dasani Lemon (and old fav!).


This may just be me, but I find it so much easier to drink lots when I’m using a straw.

For me, I try to set goals like drinking two tumblers of water at work before lunch and two-three after lunch. Add that to what I’m drinking in the mornings, with my meals and after a workout and I am hydrated all day.

What are your tips for getting in lots of water every day? I’d love to hear them!


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