Ditching a run

You know what? I didn’t run yesterday. As 5 p.m. crept closer and closer, all I could think about was the never-ending to-do list I had waiting for me at home. I wasn’t looking forward to my run, I starting to dread it.


No. I was not doing it. I’ve been burnt out before. I did not want that to happen during this training cycle. Running is fun for me. Running is my escape from the real world. I didn’t want to start of my run feeling rushed and busy, so at 5 p.m. when I clocked out, I went home. Earth-shattering, I know.

I try to always be real on this blog and if anyone out there can relate to me, then they know what I’m talking about. While I missed my runner’s high, I went home, knocked out so many little tasks that had added up over the last few days (laundry, sweeping + mopping, setting up my camera, cleaning Murphy’s toy box, etc) and it felt great. By the time Ryan got home, I had dinner cooked and almost everything done but the dishes. It felt wonderful to just sit and relax with and not rush around the house doing chores.

Plus, I get extra playtime with Murphy and what’s not to love about spending time with your favorite pup?


So if you feel pressured to run, take a step back. Tackle that to-do or work on a different project that makes you happy (watching a movie, painting, yoga, whatever!)

Today, I plan on running. Thursdays are pizza night in the Richardson household, so dinner is a breeze. The chores are done and anything else I think I need to do when I get home can wait until tomorrow. Or the weekend.

So I as sit here eating my banana and peanut butter and getting ready for work, I challenge you all to have a great day! Say no to the things that don’t bring joy to you & say yes to things you love.


Only 32 hours ’til the weekend! Let’s finish the week strong. 


2 thoughts on “Ditching a run

  1. I can definitely relate. I skipped a run last week. I usually go in the morning, but I couldn’t that particular morning. I was dreading the run because I had so many other things I needed to get done. I felt a little guilty for skipping the run, but it was definitely worth it in the long run.


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