Half Marathon Workouts

Today I wanted to share with you an example of some workouts I try to do every week while half marathon training.


Tempo run: 1-2 mile warm-up, 4 miles at race pace, 1 mile cool down

Speed endurance: 1-2 mile warm-up, 4 x 1 mile a little seconds slower than 10k race pace w/60 seconds rest, 1 mile cool down. <– While my speed workout often varies, this is a pretty standard base formula I use to get my started.

I know you might be thinking that you’re distance runner, so you don’t need to do speed workouts, but my dear friend, you are so wrong. Throwing in spadework every now and then will be great for your overall fitness. Not only do fartleks burn more calories, it will help with your speed. This is great if you’re looking a shiny new PR.


BUT. Hear me out, I know I’m going back and forth. The benefits of long runs are also wonderful.

Long run: 5-8 miles at conversation pace. While my weekend runs often increase in mileage every week, throughout the week I like to try and keep it anywhere from 5-8 miles on my longer run days.

While I try to run five days a week, I also like to incorporate strength training and other fitness activities into my training to break up the monotony.


I also foam roll 4-5 times a week and stretch EVERY SINGLE DAY. I feel like that last part is crucial to my recovery and performance.

So run happy, eat your colors and make sure to get some shut eye.


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