Friday Favorites v. 15

FRIDAY! Let’s all kick ass at work/life/everything and enjoy the weekend!

This season of work is busy busy busy. But in two weeks, I’ll be on vacation and get a much-needed break before I delve into the belly of the best. I am currently in the middle of working on our biggest publication and it takes months and months to get everything just right before it hits the stands.

So while MondayFriday I’m running 90 miles an hour, I plan on taking it easy on the weekends. Long runs, playing with Murphy and spending time with Ryan are the only things on my to-do list.

1. FOOTBALL IS BACK. College and NFL football seasons have officially kicked off and I’m so pumped. Also, I’m beating all the boys this year in Fantasy. #girlpower

2. This weather! While it’s still summer, at least the dog days are behind us. The heat and humidity are finally starting to go away and temps have been in the low 80s (which is so much better than high 90s and 100+ heat index)


3. ‘Bark Ranger’ Helps Lick Dangerous Wildlife Encounters In National Park. This is an adorable story from NPR about how dogs are helping out at national parks. I’m basically a sucker for any story dealing with pets (especially dogs!)

4. Spaghetti and eggs. I know this might sound crazy, but I saw a recipe for it in this month’s Runner’s World and thought to give it try and it was delicious. I love food and eating, so anytime I can come up with something new in the kitchen, I get excited.

5. 7 Illustrations That Perfectly Sum Up Life With A Dog 57bf1d141800002100bcd163.jpeg

6. Shopping for my upcoming vacation. I got rid of a lot of my winter wardrobe earlier this year (so many things that were old, didn’t fit and ugly), so now I’m working on rebuilding my closest. I’ve hit up sales and Target and TJ MAXX this week and scored a few good pieces. I’ll be back next week with a short roundup of summer/fall transitional pieces.

7. This pineapple pen cup from Emily Ley. It sold out in NINE minutes yesterday, but I plan on ordering it once it comes back in stock.
Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 4.48.25 PM.png

8. Murphy loves the sunshine, so he had lots of fun rolling around the yard all week. He did not, however, like the baths that came after playing outside all day.


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