Playing catchup

FIVE days of being sick and I am finally starting to feel better. At first, I thought all I had was a sinus infection, but then it turned into something much worse. I never get sick and I hate taking medicine, so you can see early on where this was headed. I am a big baby whenever I do get sick and basically did nothing all weekend except lay around the house and talk Murphy for some casual walks.

On Monday, I came to work for about 4 hours and then decided it was probably best for me to go home. I felt miserable and thought I was going to hurl (Sorry, TMI). Thankfully Ryan was off, so he did a great job taking care of me. I went home, ate some soup, took some medicine and fell asleep for about 4 hours. Ryan did some yard work and Murphy laid in bed with me and looked out the window (so he could see Ryan outside). Monday night was filled with American Ninja Warrior and The Office and more sleeping.


Tuesday was much better than Monday, but still not 100% better. I worked a full day, ate some actual food (and didn’t get sick!) and “played” with Murphy in the yard –> I kicked a tennis ball around while he went crazy trying to get it. He’s such an easy-going pup.


I’m hoping to be at almost 100% today. Fingers crossed! I’m dying to run again. I haven’t run since Thursday and I am itching to get back on the road. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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