This or That

I thought I would try something a little different today after having a conversation with a friend about what type of doughnuts we preferred. With so many options in the world, what are some of your choices?

Cake doughnuts or traditional yeast doughnuts:
Team Cake allll the way.
Yoga pants or jeans: Yoga pants. Duh.
Coffee or tea: A caramel latte in the morning (yes, I know it’s all sugar) and sweet tea for the rest of the day.
Dogs or cats: Dogs! I’m allergic to cats.
Facebook or Twitter or Instagram: I’m always interested to see what social media platforms people prefer, because I use them all, but for different reasons/audiences.
Chicken or steak: Chicken
Video games or board games: Board games. I suck at video games.
Gu chews or Honey Stingers: Honey Stingers
Zoo or aquarium: Zoo. I love all the different animals.
Date night in or date night out: Both?! I love date night 🙂
Christmas or Halloween: Christmas!
5k or half marathon: Half! I’m no good at shorter distances.
Text or call: Depends on the situation.

Your turn! Pick a few questions and tell me your favorites 🙂


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