Friday Favorites v. 16

After being sick all week, I think I am finally 99% over whatever the heck I had. Thank goodness. It was miserable. My eating was super off and I haven’t run since last Thursday.

But before the weekend begins, lets get back to normal with some Friday Favorites.

1. I’ve been playing around on Pinterest a lot and I really think I want to make an initial wall for our living room. (Give me follow @megkayrich)

2. Vitamin C gummies from CVS. While trying to kick this sickness, I stocked up on medicine and decided to get some vitamin c gummies while I was out. I eat lots of bananas, but probably don’t get as much vitamin C as I need. I figure there is no harm in giving a little boost to my immune system.

3. 6 Recipes You Need To Try This Fall.3526784

4. Soup. With all the sickness I had this week, nothing sounded good to eat. I bought some soup hoping to cure my sore throat and it ended up being about the only thing I would eat. Have any good crockpot soup recipes? I’d love to hear them!
5. Ryan and I are catching up on The Big Bang Theory before the new season comes on Monday. Technically we’re a season behind, so we have a lot of watching to do this weekend!
6. Pioneer Woman’s fall collection. I love all of it. I want all those linens ASAP.


7. Ryan and I are ONE WEEK away from vacation!

8. This is actually a really old picture, but I found it scrolling through my phone and it made my happy. img_0056


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