Soup and doughnuts

Holy moly, how is it already Wednesday? I feel like I have been running a million miles an hour this week trying to get everything done before vacation. Anyone ever feel like that? The week before vacation is filled with making sure I leave a detailed list for what has to been done while I’m gone, preparing things in advance, scheduling social media posts (for work and the blog) and so on. IT’S CRAZY.

Okay, tangent over. What’s new with you guys? While this week has been crazy, so has my eating. When I was sick last week, nothing tasted good and ate cereal for my meals multiple times a day. Now, I’m craving ALL THE CARBS, but still trying to eat somewhat healthy.

So last night I had vegetable soup. This morning I had doughnuts. Life is about balance.

What foods do you indulge in every now and then? Doughnuts are by far my favorite. I love all kinds of doughnuts and pastries (again with the carbs) and it makes breakfast feel all the more special.


Happy Wednesday, y’all! Hopefully I’m back tomorrow with a post, but if not, be sure to check out Friday’s post (Friday Favorites are so fun to write!)

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