Wonderful weekend

The weather this weekend was perfect. Seriously, y’all. Fall makes me so happy. I got in two great runs on Saturday and Sunday and then relaxed with the family the rest of the time. My heart is so full.

Murphy can’t go on a walk without sniffing ALL THE GRASS. Seriously. Running, he is the perfect pup. Nice little stroll around the neighborhood? NOPE. Pees on every. single. mailbox. and sniffs all the grass. Oh well. At least he’s cute.

I found some more random Halloween decorations when I was cleaning out some storage tubs, so I know I have this cute little jack-o-lantern sitting beside our tv. Seasonal decoration just make me so happy.

I also watched two Redbox movies with Ryan (Now You See Me 2 & Popstar) and caught up on some tv shows. So it was pretty great.

I also drank some wine and watched the train wreck that was the presidential debate. God bless this nation. 

Now I’m back on the grind, finishing up some minor details before my big project goes to design! This means a lot of the grunt work is done and I am so happy about it.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

What was your favorite part of the weekend?
What is your ideal running weather?


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