A festive fall weekend

This weekend was filled with all kinds of fall festivities and it was so welcome. Food, running, pup time, football, — what more could a girl want?

On Friday night, we decide to make homemade Halloween cookies. Baking is one of my favorites things to do in the kitchen (besides, you know, eat) so I was super pumped to whip up some sweet treats.

Saturday morning consisted of sleeping in and working out with my dad. I love that my father (who’s in his 60s) still makes working out a priority. Even though he is not the fittest or healthiest person in the world, I still applaud is work ethic to keep biking and lifting weights.

Snagged two mums for $1.47 each. Heck yes.

After dropping Ryan off at work, Murphy and I went to my parent’s house and hung out with them all day for some college football. ROLL DAMN TIDE.

Sunday was more football, naps and grocery shopping. Check back later this week for my beginner’s guide to meal planning! Happy Monday!


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