A beginner’s guide to meal planning

I know so many people want to eat healthy and save money but don’t where to begin.
In my opinion, meal planning is the easiest thing to do in order to stay on track and on budget. An hour or two at the beginning of the week while benefit you greatly all week!Here are some tips that will hopeful help you ease your way into meal planning.Meal_Prep.jpg

Plan your meals and make a list. Ryan and I have a list of meals that we rotate every week, so I basically have our grocery list down to a science. We always go grocery shopping on Sunday and are in out in under and hour (we shop at Aldi and Kroger). After we get home with the groceries, I immediately start prepping what I can for the week. The key for me is to have a plan. Also, if you don’t buy junk food, then it’s not at home for you to eat!

For my weekly lunch, I usually eat salads. It’s my sure-fire way of knowing that I get my greens in for the day and since I don’t have a lot of time for lunch M-F, it’s easy and simple.

I mix all my green, veggies and some of the cheese in a tupperware bowl so I can eat from it all week. That way when I come home for lunch, all I have to do is throw some in a bowl, add more cheese and dressing and I’m ready to go.
Pre-Packaged Salad

Create a go-to recipe list. Having a list of go-to meals is one of the easiest ways to help stay consistent and on-track with meal planning. Start by adding your tried and true favorites and then every time you find a new meal you love, add it to the rotation!

Don’t forget about the snacks! So many people think they can only eat three meals a day in order to be healthy. Most days, I have to have a snack between breakfast and lunch or to hold me over after a run before supper. Some of my go-to snacks are apples and peanut butter, trail mix, mixed nuts and Greek yogurt cups. If you prepare healthy snacks, then you’re less likely to grab junk food.


Do you have any other tips for meal planning! Let me know in the comments on this post. 


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