Contemplating running a marathon

I’ve said those words out loud to one person: my husband.

After completing two half marathons (would have been three if my September race wouldn’t have been cancelled) I started thinking about running the full 26.2. The idea scared me, but also intrigued me. There was a time I never would have believed that I could finish a half marathon, but I did.

Couldn’t the marathon be the same way?

I also said I wanted to run a marathon before I started (Lord willing) having babies. So I figured I better hop to it. Being that there are no full marathons anywhere close to where I live, I started to look at races in Louisville/Lexington, Nashville and St. Louis.

After some research and talking to with some friends, I’ve think I’ve decided on running the 2017 Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon!

The marathon and mini marathon are just two of the events that are a part of the Kentucky Derby Festival.

From the KDF Marathon website: “People from all over the world travel to Louisville, Kentucky, each year to take part in the Derby Festival and experience the legendary Run for the Roses on the first Saturday in May. With more than 70 events ranging from one of the country’s largest half-marathons to the Pegasus Parade to an old-fashioned steamboat race, the Kentucky Derby Festival offers a wide spectrum of activities for both local residents and visitors. Annual attendance of events has exceeded 1.5 million in recent years. The festival is also a mirror of the community — events are attended by people representing all age, educational, geographic and income groups.
Two weeks before the Derby, the festival’s opening ceremonies kick off with Thunder Over Louisville — the largest annual fireworks show in North America. The massive pyrotechnic spectacular and air show on the Ohio River can be seen for miles, attracting 500,000 spectators to the Kentucky and Indiana shorelines. Thunder Over Louisville sets the stage for a whirlwind of eagerly awaited festival events that not only provide a huge economic impact on the community, but help define the city’s character and traditions.”

I plan on following on of Hal Higdon’s training plans beginning in a couple weeks. A very good friend of mine is an ultrarunner, so she is helping me with workouts and whatnot.

YAY for big dreams and new adventures.

Any advice for someone running their first marathon?!


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