I found Nerdy Birdie + Halloween costumes

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ve know I love Oiselle. I their message, what they stand for and their products. Well yesterday, they had a Nerdy Birdie contest and I WON. I never win anything, so this was awesome. It basically made my whole day.
This is where Nerdy Birdie was hiding.
Anyone have any cheap/simple DIY Halloween costumes? (Nothing like waiting til the last minute, right?) Ryan and I decided to host a Halloween party on Friday and I have nothing to wear. Time to get creative!

Check out this post on Halloween parties. So many cute ideas. I have to pick a theme before our party on Friday ASAP.

Here is one article I found with some simple, DIY costumes, but I haven’t found one I’m set on just yet.

If I could find any of my costumes from college, that’d be great.

I ended yesterday with three glorious miles. Check back later this week for a fun post about my official start of MARATHON TRAINING.

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