Friday Favorites v. 21

IT’S FRIDAY. I love my job, but I also love love love the weekend. Annnd it’s Halloween weekend! I am so excited to dress up and party with friends this weekend. Any guess on what I’m dressing up as?


$5 costume for the win. But before the weekend begins, let’s dive into some of my favorites from the week.

1. I don’t know if this is technically a “favorite,” but did anyone else watch The Walking Dead on Sunday? HOLY CRAP. I’m so sad over Glen, but I am pumped to see how the rest of the season plays out.

*Our friend is dressing up as Neegan for Halloween and he looks awesome. Lucille and all.

2. I’m all for saving money, so here is a great tip for you latte lovers. Latte life hack.

3. This neat little infographic from Brooks. Thanks for sharing Janae! Stay safe friends!
4. #HarassedMidrun <– THIS. Thank you, Runners World for talking about such an important topic.

5. I try to stay away from Hobby Lobby, because if not, I will spend ALL MY MONEY there. But I stopped by this week to get a picture frame for a puzzle we are giving as a gift + find a present for my mom and I left with the cutest Christmas decor. O Holy Night is one of my FAVORITE Christmas songs. I can’t wait to display this on our bookshelf this holiday season!

6. Murray State Homecoming is this weekend! While Ryan and I can’t make the trek south to the ‘finest place we know,’ I hope everyone has a great time and cheers the Racers on to a victory!

7. The No-Gym, Full-Body Workout You’ve Been Waiting For. 

8. Murph is ready for football this weekend! Hopefully my Fantasy Team will get a W this week. (I’m currently 2-5)img_0907


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