Leftover candy and mile repeats

We are officially in November! I can’t believe the first 10 months of the year are gone already. Yesterday was spent eating lots of Halloween candy that my co-workers brought in. 10 mini Tootsie Rolls later, I decided I better stop eating unless I wanted to see all that candy a second time during my run.


After work I went to one of my favorite local parks, for 3 miles with some speed work thrown in. It is so unseasonably HOT here (like this time last year we had snow and yesterday it was 82) so my runs have been a little off due to the weather changing and my body getting use to the heat again. I think we had two weeks of fall weather and now the temps seem to be getting high every day.

Here was my workout from Tuesday: 
1 mile warmup
1 mile at 5k pace
3 minute recovery (for me this was a slow jog, but do whatever works for you
1 mile at 5k pace
3 minute jog
1 mile at 5k pace
Cool down

Super short and simple, but it’s effective.


Also. Yes I know our park is starting to put up Christmas lights. It’s a little ridiculous, but either way I am so excited for the upcoming holiday season.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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