Friday Favorites v. 22

Happy November! After Monday, I caved and started listening to Christmas music! On Tuesday, Nov. 1 I listed to all of my favorites (like Carrie Underwood’s O Holy Night) and Penatonix’s new Christmas album. I love Christmas and I don’t see anything wrong with getting in the spirit a little early 😉

Now lets dive into some Friday Favorites.

1. My big project at work went through its first round of proofing and passed with flying colors. Only a few small changes. Such a huge weight off my shoulders.

2. Emily Ley’s Gratitude Sheet. I have this hanging on my desk as a simple little reminder to be thankful for all the blessings I have. It’s nice to get them out on pen and paper sometimes.

3. My prize from winning #NerdyBirdie came in the mail this week. It’s the Heather Gray Lex Raglan Short Sleeve and I LOVE IT. It’s so soft. I’ve only worn it around the house so far, but I’ll let you know how it stands up to sweat once I wear it to a workout. img_1159
4. Even though I am a die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, I was pretty excited to see the Cubs win the World Series. I also still believe newspapers are the best way to tell about victories. The Chicago Tribune wrote a wonderful accompanied by some great pictures to recap Wednesday night’s win.

5. Entertainment Weekly previewed some pictures for the remake of The Beauty and The Beast. THEY ARE WONDERFUL. I cannot wait for this to come out in March. One of my favorite Disney movies is coming to life!
6. Basketball season is right around the corner! UK played their first exhibition game last week (and won. duh) which means we are only weeks away from the regular season!

7. Nerd alert? Earlier this week I read an article on what will happen the White House social media accounts (I’m talking everything — MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Insta, SnapChat, etc) when a new president elected. Check out this article for more.

8. Murphy and one of his 10,000 toy balls.img_1076


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