Friday Favorites v. 23

Does anyone else feel like this was the longest week ever? TGIF. With the election and the craziness of life, I feel like this week was never going to end.

But the good news is we made it to Friday! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend. I think we all need to slow down and take time to spend time with those love this weekend (and all the time, but you get my point).

Random: I’m so bad at Snapchat. I actually deleted the app, but temporarily downloaded it just to look at filters and see how much it’s changed. I like instastories much better. (Give me a follow, @megakyrich!)

Okay, enough tangents. Let’s get into Friday Favorites!

1. This List Of Beautiful Things That Happened In 2016 Is What We Need Now.

2. Fall running. Cooler temps make long runs so much more enjoyable! Anyone else loving this weather? I’ll begging for it when winter officially arrives.

3. My random doodlings. They make me happy and it’s hilarious because I’m so bad at drawing. 

4. Work friends. I feel like sometimes I take my work friends for granted, but they are part of the reason my job is so fun. I’m thankful to have work friends who help me through my career and life.

5. Shinedown is one of Ryan’s favorites band, so we listen to them a lot. & I’ve had them on repeat this week at work. If you’re needing some good running music, look no further! Almost all of their songs are great for hitting the pavement.

6. Rocked the vote. Not happy with the outcome. God bless our country.

7. This post from Carrots N Cake about some great protein-packed snacks.

8. Look at this sleepy little pup. Monday night all he wanted to do was be in his bed and cuddle under a blanket. He is also obsessed with our fake fireplace and the flames, so he watched the flames for a good 20+ minutes. 


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