A long hike and high school tunes

This weekend was about some high school tunes. I only graduated 6 years ago, but I found so many old mix tapes that I had forgotten about. Bands like Cartel, Jack’s Mannequin and Fall Out Boy blasted through my stereo all weekend. It was awesome.

I snagged these all watermelon Sour Patch Kids for 85 cents at the gas station and had to have them. I ate them all in one setting. Oops.

Since Ryan had to work all day, Murphy and I hung out with a friend and went hiking all afternoon. It was a perfect day, even if we did get lost and ended up walking for hours. 
I forgot how much I love hiking through trails. I need to remember to get out to nature more. This stupid time change makes me miss all my after-work runs.

I saw this quote and thought it was perfect for how I felt after Saturday’s hike.
“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

I hope you all have a great day working, whether it be at home, in an office or somewhere else! Maybe you’ll get a chance to get out and enjoy some nature today 🙂


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