Friday Favorites v.24

Ryan and I are headed to Tennessee this weekend for our first Thanksgiving of the year! Since we both work the day after Thanksgiving, it only made since to go down this weekend when we could spend a few days with family.

Before we jet off (ha, more like three hours in the car together with Murphy) let’s talk Friday Favorites.

1. The Lord’s timing. Lots of changes are headed mine and Ryan’s way and we’re so excited. (& no it’s not a baby) God is good all the time.

2. Coming home to Murphy. He is excited every time he sees us – it’s great. He’s always ready to party.

3. The Definitive Superfood Ranking <– Pretty interesting stuff!

4. 22 Heartwarming Photos Of Kids Adopted From Foster Care

5. Kentucky for Kentucky. I love all the home state pride. Plus, this Christmas cookie shirt is pretty awesome.

6. The new iPhone update. I love that I can draw pictures and send them to people. 

7. How to Run Like a Girl. READ THIS NOW.

8. This what happens when I try to take a picture with Murphy. 


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