Friday Favorites v. 26

Ryan started his new job today! After a lot of prayer and patience, we felt like this move was best for our family and future and I so excited and proud.

The only bad thing for right now is I don’t his schedule past today, so I’m hoping he has this weekend off so we can spend some time together.

But before the weekend begins, let’s talk Friday Favorites. Don’t forget! Let me know some of your favorites from this week in the comments below.

1. New clothes. With Black Friday deals extending past the weekend, I scored some cute tops this week at some super low prices. I realized Thursday morning when I was getting dressed that my closest seems to have a growing theme. I guess it’s a good thing red is my favorite color.

2. I saw this on Pinterest earlier this week, and thought it was too cute not to share.

3. Dog Loves Santa Toy So Much, Her Humans Took Her To See The Real Thing.

4. Buying presents for others. GUYS. My Christmas shopping is DONE. All of it. I am so pumped that I got a head start on it this year so I’m not running around like a crazy person at the last minute. If you still need something for any of your runner friends, check out my gift guide for ideas that are all under $100!

5. BLOGS. I read a lot of blogs, y’all. Some of my favorite running blogs I have been reading for 6+ years (looking at you, Meals and Miles & Daily Garnish). As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve started to read more lifestyle blogs. Here are some my fave blogs from lifestyle to running and everything in between, check them out! Whit Speaks, Somethin’ Southern, Em For MarvelousHungry Runner Girl, RUnladylike, Katelyn James Blog <– Love her series on her and husband building a new house, and

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Let me know! I’m always open to reading new things.

6.  Serena Williams SLAMMING inequality and gender discrimination in this open letter.

7. Anne from FANNEtastic Food launched this tank earlier this week. So cute!

8. Murphy has to be touching me or Ryan if we are in the same room with him. While it’s annoying sometimes, I know my time with him is not unlimited. So I’ll take all the puppy cuddles I can right now. 

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