Productive weekend

While I love a nice, nothing-to-do weekend, I also appreciate weekends where I knock out my to-do and more. This was definitely a productive weekend.

Friday was laundry night. After buying lots of new clothes during Black Friday, I had a mountain of laundry to do. I also cleaned out the fridge and started making our grocery list.

On Saturday I woke up early so I could hit the gym with my dad.  We did lots of weights, squats, abs and I did a quick two mile treadmill run. It felt great to start my day with a workout.

I started addressing Christmas cards this weekend! I’m giving myself props for not waiting until the last minute. I also wrapped two gifts. Haha. I’m on a roll. 

Saturday night was date night and celebrating Ryan’s new job! We went to Texas Roadhouse, ate till we were stuffed and watched the end of the Alabama game. #RollTide

Also. Does anyone else sing and dance while doing their hair/makeup? Because I totally do. Probably the reason it takes me so long to get ready. 

Sunday: Cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, changed and washed our bed sheets, went and saw Fantastic Beasts, got groceries and meal prepped. Overall, a fun and productive weekend. Now let’s go and kick butt today!

What did you do this weekend?


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