Life via my iPhone

Hi guys! I haven’t popped in with an iPhone update in a while, so let’s get it going. This is basically just some random photos on my phone to give you a glimpse into my every day life. Enjoy!

Guys. These almonds are the bomb. While they may not be the healthiest thing out there, they sure were tasty. I got mine at WalMart, so if you’re looking for a good snack, be sure to pick these up. Even Murphy wanted in on the action.

I love taking selfies with Murphy.

I also got to help my parent’s decorate their Christmas tree past week. I seriously love the holidays. Also, I could stare at Christmas lights for hours.

Alabama is SEC CHAMPS (again). Murphy was more interested in the fake fireplace than the any of the football games that were on Saturday.

Planning all the things for work. While I’m not in love with this planner, it’ll do. I didn’t want to spend a much of money on a planner and needed something for work. Oh well. At least it’s bright and cheery.

Leave a photo (or more!) in the comments of what life is looking like for you.


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