Friday Favorites v. 27

NOT a favorite, but it is freaking cold in Kentucky. I woke up this morning and BAM it’s like the temperature dropped 20 degrees overnight. The only good thing is now I can wear all my cute super cold weather gear.

This is also where having a treadmill (or even a gym membership) would come in handy.

In other news, tonight is the office Christmas party! I’m excited for some free bowling, chicken wings and karaoke. But before I head off to a night of fun, lets get through today with some Friday Favorites.

1. Still loving This Is Us. Tears every time I watch it. I can’t wait until the show returns in January!

2. Basically me.

3. NEED this shirt.

4. All of my dessert goals. Right here.

5. For any history buffs out there, I found this article Wednesday on the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

6. Brooks LSD Thermal Jacket. This is definitely on my wish list this year. It’s also $60 off right now and comes with a pair of socks when you purchase!
Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 3.01.50 PM.png

7. Favorite Cocktail Recipes for Wedding Signature Drinks.

8. This is what happens when Murphy thinks he is going to get a bath – he runs and “hides” on the bed. (Please excuse the mess of old blankets, it got cold this week)

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites v. 27

  1. Loving your blog! Thanks for the tip about the Brooks Jacket! I was looking for something for winter running and I love my Brooks shoes! 👍


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