A very cold weekend

Happy Monday, everyone! It is freeeezing here, but I am still excited to tackle this week. We are officially less than a week until Christmas! Ah! So exciting.

Before I get into Monday, lets recap the weekend.

Friday — We have a “for free” table at work that people use to get rid of stuff from around their house or stuff they get in PR packets   Basically everything is fair game and if no one wants it after a week, it goes in the trash.

I snagged the most adorable Christmas plates, bowls and mugs last week and I so excited to use them!

Also, I really really want to re-paint our kitchen. Why does remodeling/home improvement have to be so expensive?!

A snagged a charcoal face mask at CVS for $1, so I had a mini spa night Friday. Also, this turtleneck is so comfy and flowy I never want to take it off. I stayed in it all night even after wearing it to work on Friday.

Saturday — I spent the whole day at my parent’s house helping my mom with my dad who just had some minor surgery on Friday. Ryan worked all day and that night we just laid around the house and watched movies and ate pizza. Murphy destroyed another toy. Nothing new.


Sunday — We went to a Christmas party in Evansville that two of friends were hosting. We also did our usual grocery shopping trip and watched lots of football.

Hope you all have a great week! I’m going to try and get some workouts in this week, but my schedule is jam packed from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day this week. The holidays are great, but require a lot of work (at the newspaper and getting ready for family). Happy Monday!


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