New Years Weekend

Hi! I can’t believe we’re already three days into 2017. 

Today was a struggle to get out of bed and get ready for work — but I made it!

But let’s recap New Years weekend.

For lunch on Saturday I went to Cheddar’s with my best friend. We’ve been bffs for more than 10 years now (we met the summer before our freshman year of high school) and I still love our lunch dates. Also, her drink huge. We ended up splitting it and even then we couldn’t finish the entire thing.

Saturday night I forgot to take any pictures (a sign of a great time!) but we had some friends over and ended up playing cards and board games until 3 a.m. So thankful I got to sleep in Sunday morning.

On Sunday, Ryan and I hit up the mall to look for records for our new record player that we got for Christmas. I totally felt like Peyton Sawyer flipping through all that vinyl. 

Ryan and I were both off on Monday, so we watched two RedBox movies (Central Intelligence and Free State of Jones), went to town for a bit and basically did whatever we wanted to. Yay for lazy days off from work.

We went to PetSmart just to see if they had any good deals and ended up snagging this super cute shirt for Murphy.

He was obviously thrilled.

I hope everyone has a wonderful return to work and routines today!


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