Wednesday Ramblings

If you checked out the blog since yesterday morning, you might have noticed a little change — a new layout! While I’m undecided if this is what I want to go with moving forward, I like this more than my old theme. I love the white. Such a fresh start!

Yesterday I spent some time filling out my 2017 I HAVE DECIDED sheet from Lara Casey. (free printable here) I love being able to sit down and put pen to paper and write out my hopes and goal for the upcoming year.

After working on my goal sheets, I felt super motivated (don’t we all get super pumped about our goals at the beginning of the year and then a few weeks in get burnt out?) and I’m hoping to continue with that momentum. I ate pretty healthy yesterday (but I splurged on some homemade banana bread) and I did 30 minutes of a MH60 video.

Now I’m ready to get through today, go home and workout.

Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve blogged recently:
Indoor Total Body Workout
Living Room Workout

What is one of your goals for the new year?
What are your favorite at-home workouts?
Anything exciting happening on hump day?


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