The drinking water game

Everyone (runner or not) should be drinking more water, right? Every system in our bodies depends on it. You need it to survive.

The Mayo Clinic recommends 72 ounces a day, but how many of us actually drink enough?

Luckily, I love water and don’t have a problem drinking a decent amount. BUT I know I should be drinking more. So to make it “fun” and to make sure I get a lot of water in my system throughout the day, I’ve come up with a “game” to help. If you’re struggling getting you’re 72 ounces, then this out!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have a thing for water bottles, tumblers, etc. You can never have too many.
image2 (2)

Okay, back to my “game.” I take a water bottle to work everyday to keep at my desk. I try to get one that holds 24-36 ounces. I make sure I drink one full bottle by 10 and another before I head home for lunch at 12:30ish. Then, when I’m home for lunch, I either drink tea or water (depending on my meal).

After I come back from lunch I try to drink two more bottle of water before I leave for the day at 5 p.m.! This ensures I’m getting at least 96 ounces of water just during my work day — if not more. Since I drink milk in the morning and tea at night, I get the majority of my water during the day. This helps me stay hydrated and focus and work and for the rest of the evening!

I also try to sip on water in the morning (I have such a hard time with this, for some reason water does not taste good to be before 7 a.m.) and I try to drink a glass before bed.

Another way to add some fun to your water is add some fruit! Lemons, limes, berries — you name it! It’s a healthy way to mix it up from the ordinary regular glass of water.

Hopefully this “game” will encourage you to drink more water. Since I have to fill up my water bottle several times a day (plus run to bathroom all the time) this helps me take a break from my desk to get up and move! Another win!


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