Friday Favorites v.33

Hi friends! I cannot believe Friday is already here. This week has been crazy and it has gone by in a flash.

Just a reminder that today is Inauguration Day. Whether you support Trump or not, I encourage you to pray or our country and this transition of “power.” But remember who is really in charge here. Just a hint, it’s not Trump (it’s the man upstairs).

Okay, enough chit-chat. Let’s get to some #FridayFavorites.

1. Me and my foam roller have become best friends this week since I’ve started back running. It’s hurts so good. I have this cheap one.

2. Red velvet Oreo truffles. These would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

3. Breaking in my treadmill.
I’ve ran at home every day this week and it has been glorious. I am so so happy to be back running again.

4. #RealRunning. What a great story! I think we all have these feelings after looking at great (and not so great) race photos. We need to be proud of bodies and the miles they endure to get us here.

5. THIS.95bcb40df2013d29c367d020fb4e6ea7.jpg

6.STUFFED PUFF PASTRY PIZZA. I am IN LOVE with Kylie’s blog. Check her out for lots of good stuff (for the soul and the stomach!) Can’t wait to make this recipe this weekend.

By now, you’ve read about my love for Oiselle. While I only have a few peices from this company, the thing I love most about them is their brand and influence on women and the #cleansport of running.

8. Throwback picture of Murphy from last summer. I can’t wait until we spend hours at the park in the sunshine.


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