Weekend recap

Saturday started off with 3 treadmill miles. It felt good to finally be getting back into a running groove.

Overall I ran 12 miles last week and I think was fair considering i haven ran consistently in months. I’m hoping to bump up my mileage this week now I’m feeling comfortable at 3 miles a day.

Lucy was a random salad made with whatever was in my fridge. Also. Does anyone else put pickles on their salad? I love them. They add such a salty kick! 

After lunch Murphy had a puppy play date with my best friend’s dog Muffin. She just got Muffin a couple months ago and she and Murphy finally got the meet for the first time! After about 2 hours of constantly playing, they went their separate ways and Murphy crashed on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday was lots of naps, football and meal prepping. *Sorry my Sundays are boring, but I’m a creature of habit.*

I’d love to hear about your weekend! Let me know about one fun thing you did in the comments below! 


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