Getting back into it

The weekend is in sight! And it’s pizza Thursday in the Richardson household. I am one happy girl. 

Sorry for the low-quality photo. Getting done with my run after dark doesn’t make for the best lighting. #reallife 

This is my second full week back into running and I so pumped that hints are going so well. Even though it hurts and sometimes sucks, I am so happy to back running and slowly bumping up my mileage. 

Anyone have any good treadmill workouts they love? I like to mix things up to keep from being bored. 

Also. This is what Murphy does while I run. He gets his own workout in by running around the garage like a crazy person (dog). He also found the biggest softball we randomly own and decided to fit the whole thing in his mouth.

I’m off to work and ready to tackle the remainder of the week! 


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