Friday Favorites v. 34

1. “I used to force myself to go to the gym because I thought working out was something I should be suffering through so that I could lose weight and eventually look the way women who were in shape looked. I didn’t think my body was something I should be proud of because I had love handles, cellulite, and stretch marks.

Running taught me that that was bullshit.”

THIS. This is one of the best and most honest blog posts I have ever read. Being a runner who doesn’t “look like a runner” is hard. It’s even harder when you get down on yourself and think running a half marathon isn’t an accomplishment because you’re still overweight.

“A perfect body isn’t the one you’d think you’d have if you could hit your goal weight, it’s knowing that you’re doing everything you can to be the healthiest, happiest, most vulnerable, and strongest version of yourself possible.”

Read this post now.

2. A friend of mine who is an Advocare distributor gave me some Spark to try out. I loved the fruit punch flavor and can’t wait to try some more. I like that’s it’s different from just drinking my usually water and has a caffeine kick with out all the bad sugars!

3. Anne’s blog is one I ready almost every day. While I love her food posts, I secretly love all her hiking posts the most! Also, serious vacation goals on her recent trip to Banff National Park. Anyways, on Thursday she share a post – How to Build a Satisfying Breakfast. Lots of great tips and some great ideas for breakfast! Go check it out.

4. A new pizza place opened in Owensboro. I’m planning on checking it out tomorrow with my dad as a belated birthday celebration for him. Since pizza is in my top three favorite foods EVER I am pumped to try this place out.

5. I cannot wait to see this! All the heart eyes.BTB_BusShelter_Belle_v3_Sm-702x1024.jpg


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