10 tips to help you make the perfect breakfast


1. Drink a glass of water when you wake up.
Seriously cannot stress this enough. One glass of water can jump start your day, hydrate you and get your mind sharp and ready to go first thing in the morning. Plus, you’ve been sleeping for 7-8 hours — your body should be craving water!

2. Keep it simple.

Sometimes I just grab a breakfast bar and a banana. While I make sure my breakfast bar isn’t full of extra sugar or anything fake, it’s simple, fast and easy. While I love breakfast sandwiches, it’s not always realistic for me to make those every day.

3. If you can prep it, do it.

For mornings when I’m on the go, I like to know I have something healthy and filling prepared to help me start my day.

4. Eggs are your friend.
Scrambled or hard boiled, the entire egg or just the egg whites — it’s all good!

5. Peanut and nut butters.
*This is goes for numbers 4 & 5.

  • Protein – breakfasts filled with protein provide you with more staying power than those that are just carbs.
  • Fiber helps keep you full longer than refined carbs will.
  • Fat is important in providing balance and satiety, giving your breakfast much more staying power. Aim for fats found in nuts, seeds and avocados.
6. Smoothies.
Making your own smoothie is a great way to pack in a lot of nutrition without a lot of effort. The key is to make sure that you’re getting that balance of fiber, protein and fats. Try blending fruit, almond milk a big spoonful of nut butter and a scoop of protein powder for a filling smoothie. Spinach is great in smoothies too. It adds a kick of nutrients and on the plus side, you can’t taste it!
7. Greek yogurt and fruit.
Parfaits are such a simple way to get in some fruit, healthy fats and protein.

8. Skip the expensive latte.Novelty coffees like Starbucks and lattes are a special treat for me. While I don’t drink coffee every morning like some of you all, I still like the kick of caffeine every now and then. Make your coffee at home and you will save on calories and cash, while still getting your morning java.

9. Oatmeal.
Now, while I am not a fan of oatmeal, it is a good choice for breakfast, if you like that sort of thing (I can’t get over the texture).

10. Foods to avoid: Bacon, sausage, hash browns, processed cheese, biscuits with gravy, or “fake” granola bars.


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