Cross training and bike safety

Cross training is so important for runners. While running is my first love, I know it’s important to switch it up every now and then and lift weights, bike or swim.

While I don’t bike a lot except during the summer, bike safety is very important to me. I have so many friends who are serious cyclists and I know how many close calls they’ve had with cars, dogs and even other bikers.

When I first started biking, I didn’t always wear a helmet. I biked in the country, where there were hardly any cars, so I thought I was safe. But after a wreck (that was my fault + stupid gravel) I decided that I ALWAYS needed to be prepared and safe. So now, no matter how short the ride, I always wear a helmet.

So here are four simple steps for bicycle safety. Enjoy and stay safe, friends!

Bike Safety.jpg

Friends who cycle a lot — what are some simple “workouts” for someone who is a casual biker? Any tips of speed, distance, etc?


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