My mental game on the treadmill is struggling

I love to run. Really, I do. But sometimes it is so dang hard to get motivated. I mean, busting out 1-2 miles on the treadmill is easy and something I could do every day, but that’s not where I want to be with my fitness. I love the half marathon distance, but lately since I’ve been confined to my treadmill, I haven’t been able to run more than 4 miles.

Plus, I have no upcoming races, so I’m just running for fun/my mental sanity right now.

The mental game on the treadmill is no joke.

Not only is it a struggle to run mile after mile staring at my garage wall (we don’t have internet at our house, so watching tv on my laptop while I run is no-go). I also feel guilty that I could be prepping dinner, cleaning the house or doing basically anything else that is more productive that “just running.” On days when Ryan gets home early, I usually ditch my run to spend more time (which isn’t always a bad thing!)

Sometimes I forget running is good for not only my physical health, but my mental health too.

And I hate saying all of this, because I begged for a treadmill for so long. I just knew if I got a treadmill that I would run for hours and hours.


So I’m trying to make a schedule (similar to a race plan) to help me start logging some distance and cranking up my workouts. I am trying to take care of myself by allowing myself to run and not fret over everything I else I could be doing.

If anyone has any mental tips for running on the treadmill, feel free to pass them way! I’ve found some from other bloggers (like covering my distance/time/pace on my treadmill screen, constantly changing speed/incline, etc) but I am always open to more!

Happy Thursday, friends! We’re almost to the weekend!

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