Adventures at Lake Norman – part two

I spent all of last week with lake hair and smelling like sunscreen and bug spray. Even though we were at Lake Norman for a work retreat (so I was still taking calls, answering emails and putting out fires) we were also working on ourselves and our personal lives.

The lake is such a calming presence, it’s a great place to really reflect and reset.

I also got the chance to work on my tan and daydream of owning a home on the lake.

On Tuesday night we took a quick break from the lake to stay at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro before we had a full day learning and activities at High Point University. We got to hear Nido Qubein speak, take a tour of the new biomechanics lab and learn how to make ourselves better employees, coworkers and people.

(Also. The cheesecake at the Grandover was ah-mazing!

HPU is basically like the Disney World colleges. It was so pretty, well-designed and modern. I loved getting to take a short break to walk around campus and take it all in. Plus since I wasn’t getting in my daily run this walk was a great way to get my steps in. (this also means I didn’t make it to the end of my #rwrunstreak goal)

For supper Wednesday night we had a guitarist play and sing while we ate, tried to solve the world’s problems and enjoyed each other’s company. I could seriously live on the lake year-round. It was all so calming.

Thursday was the last day everyone was together and some of the crew had to leave Friday morning. We enjoyed a two-hour hike at Lake Norman State Park, a hot yoga sesh, some more time on the lake and a dinner cruise (which had more cheesecake!)

The last two days were spent caring for our crew, sending them home with full heart and full bellies and breaking down the houses so we could head home ourselves. A coworker and I drove our boss’s car + all the dry goods 9.5 hours back to Owensboro while the others flew home that morning.

It was a great week and I am so thankful to work for such a great company and with such awesome people.

Now it’s back to the office, a normal workout routine and healthy lunches. Happy Monday!

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